Oral History

Project Overviews

The practice of Oral History is an art that prioritizes the agency of those who have been dismissed, ignored, or forgotten. History is comprised of collective and historical memory, but we are currently missing many perspective. By conducting purposeful and thoughtful interviews, we can document narratives of people as primary sources with a unique voice. This practice is a celebration of silence and listening as a means of recording and preserving. 

Forty Blocks: The east garfield park oral history project

chicago history museum

The Chicago History Museum partnered with Breakthrough Urban Ministries, a social services provider on the West Side, in order to fill in post-1960s historical gaps in East Garfield Park. This is a neighborhood known for its high  rates of violence, so we worked to combat stereotypes and showcase resilience.


Ghostlight: voices from the theatre school

Depaul university

The Theatre School at DePaul University is known for its rigorous conservatory programs. This sense of competition breeds much tension among students who are taught how to tell the stories of others. By giving them space to tell their own stories, they could learn more about each other and themselves.

Masala chat Oral history project

Indo-american heritage MUSEUM

The Indo-American Heritage Museum is at the beginning of establishing an Oral History Archive. This inaugural project focuses on immigration, assimilation, and the American Dream.